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Missing data blocks may also be detected in the data stream, and therefore may be detected in each of the plurality of logical components. For instance, each of the logical components may be separated into a separate data stream for which missing data blocks may be detected. A temporary data block is then inserted where each missing data block is detected (e.g., in each of the plurality of logical components). In this manner, inefficiencies introduced into a fixed position delta reduction backup process as a result of new or deleted data in a system implementing a plurality of data blocks which may be stored in the form of logical components are eliminated.", "owner": "i365 Inc.", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Extensible human machine interface (HMI) plugin architecture for radio software system and related method", "publication_date": "2005/18/10", "number": "08498629", "url": "/2005/10/18/extensible-human-machine-interface-hmi-plugin-architecture-for-radio-software-system-and-related-method/", "abstract": "A software-defined radio includes an executable radio software system operable with a radio circuit and conforming to the software communications architecture (SCA) specification and defining an operating environment that allows a waveform application to operate with a radio circuit for transmitting and receiving voice and data. An extensible Human-Machine Interface (HMI) plugin module is operable for allowing a selected waveform application to integrate with the radio circuit and provide an HMI user interface.", "owner": "Harris Corporation", "owner_city": "Melbourne", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for registering entities for code signing services", "publication_date": "2005/29/09", "number": "07797545", "url": "/2005/09/29/system-and-method-for-registering-entities-for-code-signing-services/", "abstract": "A system and method for registering entities for code signing services. The entities may be software application developers or other individuals or entities that wish to have applications digitally signed. Signing of the applications may be required in order to enable the applications to access sensitive APIs and associated resources of a computing device when the applications are executed on the computing device. In one embodiment, a method of registering entities for code signing services will comprise the step of transmitting at least some account data to the registering individual or entity using an out-of-band communication system. This provides added security that the individual or entity registering for a code signing service is who that individual or entity purports to be.", "owner": "Research In Motion Limited", "owner_city": "Waterloo, Ontario", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "Archive indexing engine", "publication_date": "2005/31/08", "number": "08051045", "url": "/2005/08/31/archive-indexing-engine/", "abstract": "Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for archiving data from a database. One method includes identifying a data record to be archived; determining the contents of an archive record, the archive record having values for a first plurality of attributes in the data record; storing the archive record in a data archive; determining the contents of an index record, the index record comprising values for a second plurality of attributes in the data record; adding the index record to a dictionary-based archive index with a reference to the location of the archive record in the data archive; deleting the data record from the database; accepting a query for a desired archive record; and performing a search of the archive index to find the desired archive record.", "owner": "SAP AG", "owner_city": "Walldorf", "owner_country": "DE" }, { "title": "Piracy prevention using unique module translation", "publication_date": "2005/04/05", "number": "2033514", "url": "/2005/05/04/piracy-prevention-using-unique-module-translation/", "abstract": "A method for providing solidified software in a computing environment includes creating a new reference for a function in a function table; copying an address of the function and associating the address with the new reference; replacing the address associated with an old reference of the function with a dummy address; and substituting each old reference in normal code with the new reference, where injected code is not able to execute in the computing environment. The function table entries can be further randomized by reordering the entries, introducing intermediate mappings, or providing non-operative entries. Alternatively, all or part of the code of the function can be copied and moved to a different storage location and associated with the new reference. The copied code can be further randomized by the insertion of dummy code, utilizing reverse peephole techniques, varying the size of the copied portion, or interleaving non-operative code.", "owner": "McAfee, Inc.", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" } ]